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Fresh Salon is a fashion forward hair salon in Charlotte, NC conveniently situated in the Promenade on Providence lifestyle center near Ballantyne. Our team is comprised of a welcoming and knowledgeable staff devoted to providing clients with beautiful, healthy hair in a relaxing, harmonious atmosphere. We maintain a friendly and creative salon work environment, which promotes individuality, fresh ideas and hard work - while dedicating ourselves to consistently exceed our clients' satisfaction and expectations. Fresh hair salons services include hair cuts and styling, hair color, balayage, color correction, hair painting, highlights, American Wave, perms and more.


Through the relationships we’ve built within the industry we are able to learn from the best in the business. Our team is constantly expanding their skills through continuing education from ARROJO, Goldwell, as well as many independent stylists throughout the nation. Whether you are looking for a classic style or prefer to keep up with the trends.  Our talented stylists and colorists have the knowledge and abilities to meet your needs. We look forward to winning you over and hope that you become one of our salons many lifelong clients.

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  • New Clients of Fresh Salon, our team specializes exclusively in either haircolor or haircutting, if you need a haircut with your color service be sure to "add an additional service" after choosing your color service to ensure correct scheduling.  If you need help give us a call, 704-841-2100 so we can create your account for you!

  • Existing Clients of Fresh Salon, you can log in with the email address you've provided us and your password will be emailed to you.  Once you have received your password you're ready to go!  








  •  If you are booking a color and cut service be sure to ADD your haircut after your color service.
  •  If you cannot find an appointment within a reasonable timeframe or you are having problems booking online, we are always happy to speak with you. Please do not hesitate to call with special requests or questions about our services.
  •  If you need to cancel your appointment please call the salon at 704-841-2100.  We understand that in some instances, cancellations are unavoidable. If you find you are unable to keep an appointment, as a courtesy to our team, we request at least 24 hours notice. 






Fresh Salon proudly offers an extensive selection of Goldwell hair care and styling products.  The beauty of this curated collection ensures reliability, simplification of styling routine and color-fade protection that caters to each individual.  Throughout your experience at Fresh, our team chooses the perfect Goldwell care and styling products to suit your needs.  DualSenses distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly for instant results.  No matter your hair type, whether curly, straight or slightly unruly, there is a complimentary product for you.  Kerasilk is a revolutionary luxury hair care line that delivers long lasting hair transformations providing beauty, strength and protection.  Utilizing exclusive technologies, complemented with high end ingredients to actively interact with the hair’s structure for long lasting results.  To complete your look, StyleSign creates the final touch for all hair types and styling desires, from natural to super matte and all of those holds in-between.  StyleSign’s use of product-specific polymers and bamboo proteins creates a natural and flexible finish that you can walk out of the house feeling Fresh.



Call to schedule your appointment  704-841-2100


Product Returns

Any professional retail products that you purchase at Fresh Salon in Charlotte are 100% guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, it may be returned for a product credit or exchanged within 15 days of purchase.  However, we can not accept any returns or exchanges for brushes and other styling tools.  There are no refunds after purchases.




Extremely welcoming atmosphere with kind loving people. Tia is an excellent hair stylist and always exudes a genuinely good heart & entertaining conversation.

Phil B

I’m new to CLT and went to Fresh based on some reviews I had read. They were prompt, professional , and the salon was immaculately clean. Taylor did an AMAZING job on my color. She gave me exactly what I wanted and I don’t think it’s ever turned out better. Cris trimmed me up and her master skills and experience were evident. I’ll definitely be back.


Jose is an amazing colorist. He is extremely patient and always listens to me. He makes sure that we are on the same page during the consultation by showing a color board. I always feel like Jose enhances my color while delivering a natural and tasteful result. As a bonus, he is a really kind person.

Tracy R

Wow! This place is awesome! I found Fresh Salon on Yelp one night, searching for a new hair salon. Christina did my balayage, and it looks SO GOOD! She was so meticulous when she was working so I should have known, but she made it look even better than I imagined. Christina was very personable and just a cool person to talk to while I was getting my hair done. Kristen did my cut and she did amazing as well! It's exactly what I wanted and she kept most of my length while still trimming off the dead ends so it looks super healthy, which I love. I will definitely go back and continue visiting Christina and Kristen!

Madison B.

3 days ago I had my first appointment at Fresh Salon. I saw Emily and truly love the cut and style she gave me. She listened to what I wanted added some suggestions and we came up with my new style. I definitely recommend Emily. Now I will be making a color appointment
Thank you so much


Lynn R.

It does not get much better than Fresh Salon and Cris. This was my first time in and I guarantee it won't be my last. From the time I walked in to check out, I felt so comfortable and welcomed. Cris is amazing. She truly cared about the cut I was looking for and she did a fabulous job turning my idea- and the photo I brought in- into reality. My husband even said I looked younger - bonus!!! Thank you Cris and everyone at Fresh Salon for turning first time jitters into a fun, relaxed can't wait to return experience


Deb W.

Tyler did an amazing job blowing out my naturally curly hair. I was in town for a family reunion and was a little concerned about the humidity. He used a product that kept me frizz free all day, gave me a great scalp massage and had me feeling great all day. When I’m back in town I’ll definitely be stopping in.


Melanie R.

Great service from the minute you walk in the door! Tana and Tia do my hair. They are the best! Excellent service all the time! They will fit you in- give up their lunch.. I can’t say enough about how great they are !! 10 stars🤩 
The reception desk has first class service!! Top notch all around!! I highly recommend!

Kelly M.

I've been a client @ Fresh Salon here in Charlotte for a few months now and must say this is the salon to go to! It's near me in the Ballantyne area so I figured I'd give it a try. The front desk staff is extremely friendly and polite. Christina did my color and her consultation was thorough and on point! This young lady knew exactly what she was doing and helped me choose a color that works great with my skin tone. Tia cut my hair and gave me the best haircut I've ever had! She listened to my request and gave me some tips on styling my hair at home. The salon itself is spacious and welcoming and has a great energy! I would highly recommend Fresh to anyone new to charlotte looking for a new salon or even anyone who's lived in the area and has a stylist they're not completely pleased with! 5 stars for sure!

J A.

Customer service is extremely important to me, so when I receive excellent service, it's worth writing about it. Emily has been cutting my hair for years, not only is she an excellent stylist, she is friendly and listens to me when I want to try something new. I have NEVER left her chair disappointed and I am pretty picky!!! I have had complete strangers (no joke) comment on how great my hair cut looks.

As for color, I can't say enough about Jen. She is a fantastic colorist, hands down!!! She knows her stuff, from the color that best suits my skin tone- to special care she takes to keep my hair healthy. 

There is no pretense at this Charlotte salon, just "down to earth" professionals who excel at their work.

Debra B.

Fresh is an awesome atmosphere if looking for a new up-beat salon in Charlotte or as a returning client. Cris is who cut my hair, knowing me from a previous salon she knew I can be a hard-to-handle client. As soon as I explained to her what I wanted in my cut, she got it right away (I was very vague) understanding right off the bat. I also told her to do what she wanted but not to cut too much off bc I like my long length. Cris took her time and was very meticulous. She does an amazing blowout on straight hair but also on my natural curly hair. At this time, Cris was training. When her mentor came back around to check my cut, she didn't have to fix a thing. My hair looked beyond amazing once done. Cris is also great with short hair. My mother who has short hair, goes to Cris as well. She is very versatile. Cris is now full swing on the floor and I will be back to her from now on. She has given me one of my best cuts EVER. My cut looks good if I wear my hair straight or curly which is another concern of mine when getting my hair done. Cris is amazing! She is sweet, professional, personable and an outstanding stylist. Telling you, you gotta sit in her chair once. If you do, you will be back again and again. I promise you will not be disappointed. All the interaction I had with the staff at Fresh was pleasant. And the fact that it's reight down the street from me is a win-win. Two thumbs way up!! Woop Woop Cris!!! Thank you so much!!!

Tracy S.

I love Fresh Salon!  I spent over a year looking for an excellent salon near me after moving to Charlotte from NY and was finally thrilled when I found Fresh Salon.   I walk in there knowing that I will be floating out on a cloud once Jose and Cris have performed their magic on my hair!!!  Jose colors and Cris cuts my hair and I have NEVER been happier with the results.  I receive constant compliments and requests for referrals from friends here in NC.  I am very fussy about my hair and my year-long search was finally rewarded with what I believe is the best Charlotte Salon I could possibly hope to find!!!!  Thank you Jose, Cris and Fresh Salon!!!!

Jennifer W.

I went in this morning, they squeezed me in for an afternoon cut and Tia saved me! I'm new to Charlotte and wasn't sure what to think, but the reception was warm and welcoming and atmosphere is modern and clean. My hair was a mess, Tia did a great job on the cut. Gave me a few pointers and tips and some new things to try on my next visit.  I'm so happy I've found a salon in my new city that I love! Can't wait to come back.

Abigail V.

I called Fresh in Charlotte to see if someone could fix my haircolor. I had been to a different salon near me that botched up my color twice, they did not match my roots to the rest of my hair and left grey hair still showing. I was pretty upset and worried that I would never get my hair back to the color I wanted. I decided to call Fresh because I remember seeing women with great hair walking out of this salon in the past. I was not disapointed. The receptionist on the phone was great. She was sympathetic and set up a consult with Regina the same day. Regina looked at the pictures of the way my hair color used to be and listened to everything I had to say. I decided to go with Regina and I am so glad I did. She is phenomenal. I can't remember the last time my hair color looked this good. My grey is gone and the botched color job is history. My hair looks beautiful. I will be booking color appointments with Regina from now on.

La V.


If you have a love for your craft and making others feel beautiful...  Fresh Salon in Charlotte, NC is looking for you!

Thanks for checking out our Career page. Fresh Salon in Charlotte, NC is always looking for talented hair stylists to join our team. We are a commission based hair salon in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte that strives to deliver a quality product with exceptional service to all of our clients. If you have a love for your craft and a desire to always keep growing and improving, we might just be the place for you. Interested? Send us an email using the link below with your resume/experience and we'll contact you to schedule a time to talk. We look forward to hearing from you!


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While our Fresh team will always miss Jason, we continue to celebrate him and the joy he brought in our lives.  His talents in marketing, videography and photography have been instrumental in Fresh Salon's success. Each day we strive to uphold his ingenuity, as well as the relaxed charisma he brought into our salon. We miss you Jason, hope we're making you proud ❤️



Jason was a huge teddy bear.  Always the sweetest! Would go to get anyone food/lunch. Super calm presence. Will do any favor you ever need.  JUST WAS THE BEST! (the nice boss).  XOXO, Christina

Always during lunch time he would sit down and show me some of his photography he was working on.  One thing he loved showing were pictures of him and the kids on vacation. You could just tell how much the time with them was always amazing and how much he loved them.   -Tara (Taylor)

Jason had a very special, truly unique essence about him.  He was kind, gentle, cheeky and fun.  A one in a million smile.  He was a wonderful boss.  I miss his presence but I believe the staff tries our best to uphold the standards he helped build at Fresh.  I feel we honor him with continuing to be innovative and passionate about our craft and focus in delivering quality salon experience to the Charlotte community.  Jason's legacy lives in his two charismatic teenagers as well as in our fearless leader/ his partner, Julia.  Our lives are better for having known him and we will always speak from a place of love about his life and the influence he has had on all of ours.  Every day that we get the opportunity to walk into the doors of Fresh Salon, we are thankful for Jason ❤️  -Taylor 

Jason was my go-to lunch buddy on most Thursdays.  Meaning, HE would decide where to go, order it, and have to pick it up in time for my 30 minute window of a scheduled lunch break.  So he'd be on the computer in the office and I would casually come in and casually ask if he had plans for lunch.  The he would give his famous Jason smile and say, " I don't know...what did you have in mind?"   Ultimately I would agree to anything he wanted (usually Thai food) and would have my order written down in like 20 seconds flat, and I would tell him when my lunch was.  The problem was, Jason was SO LAID BACK!! He took his sweet time doing everything! And again, a 30 minute scheduled lunch break! Somehow, after him taking FOREVER, he would stroll in with our food just in the nick of time!  Jason had such an ease about him, his energy was so calm and cool and his smile was one of a kind, as was he. ❤️ Emily

To capture the essence of Jason is nearly impossible. One thing for certain however, no matter what was happening around you, when Jason was around the energy of calmness exuded from his aura. There was an instant peaceful feeling you received just by being around him. He welcomed you with a smile every time. His genuine nature to help, teach and simply just listen were just a few of the many things I will forever miss.   -Cris 

For me Jason was always a ray of sunshine.  If he was having a bad day or stressed, I could never tell, he was just a good decent person.  He was easy to talk to, a kind and gentle soul. He was the type of person I strive to be like and the kind this world could use more of.  Everyone loved Jason, he was a hard worker, creative and passionate about his photography. I only wish I could have gotten to know him a little better, but the time I did know him he definitely inspired me.  He took his positivity and light everywhere he went and it is definitely missed by all who knew him.  -Jose

My favorite memory is when Jason, Julia, Jose and I went to NYC for ARROJO EXPO.  We had the best time hopping place to place and eating at a taco truck!  He was so happy to be there and taking pictures of everything. His smile and laugh are truly missed.  -Tana

I think of Jason often. He was such a bright light and to me it still shines. I think that's one of the biggest things that comes to mind when I think of him. He had a smile that could turn your day around and jokes to match!! His calm, postive energy around the salon was always welcoming and something I think still remains🧡 I like to think of Jason bumping to some good jams and always keeping it real.   XOXO, Jen

One of my fondest and most simplistic memories of Jason was his "Good Morning's".  He would greet you with such an infectious smile and you couldn't help but give him smile back.  He was always so positive and genuinely happy to see you. I miss seeing him walk through our backdoor wishing us all a "Good Morning". -Tia