While our Fresh team will always miss Jason, we continue to celebrate him and the joy he brought in our lives.  His talents in marketing, videography and photography have been instrumental in Fresh Salon's success. Each day we strive to uphold his ingenuity, as well as the relaxed charisma he brought into our salon. We miss you Jason, hope we're making you proud ❤️



Jason was a huge teddy bear.  Always the sweetest! Would go to get anyone food/lunch. Super calm presence. Will do any favor you ever need.  JUST WAS THE BEST! (the nice boss).  XOXO, Christina

Always during lunch time he would sit down and show me some of his photography he was working on.  One thing he loved showing were pictures of him and the kids on vacation. You could just tell how much the time with them was always amazing and how much he loved them.   -Tara (Taylor)

Jason had a very special, truly unique essence about him.  He was kind, gentle, cheeky and fun.  A one in a million smile.  He was a wonderful boss.  I miss his presence but I believe the staff tries our best to uphold the standards he helped build at Fresh.  I feel we honor him with continuing to be innovative and passionate about our craft and focus in delivering quality salon experience to the Charlotte community.  Jason's legacy lives in his two charismatic teenagers as well as in our fearless leader/ his partner, Julia.  Our lives are better for having known him and we will always speak from a place of love about his life and the influence he has had on all of ours.  Every day that we get the opportunity to walk into the doors of Fresh Salon, we are thankful for Jason ❤️  -Taylor 

Jason was my go-to lunch buddy on most Thursdays.  Meaning, HE would decide where to go, order it, and have to pick it up in time for my 30 minute window of a scheduled lunch break.  So he'd be on the computer in the office and I would casually come in and casually ask if he had plans for lunch.  The he would give his famous Jason smile and say, " I don't know...what did you have in mind?"   Ultimately I would agree to anything he wanted (usually Thai food) and would have my order written down in like 20 seconds flat, and I would tell him when my lunch was.  The problem was, Jason was SO LAID BACK!! He took his sweet time doing everything! And again, a 30 minute scheduled lunch break! Somehow, after him taking FOREVER, he would stroll in with our food just in the nick of time!  Jason had such an ease about him, his energy was so calm and cool and his smile was one of a kind, as was he. ❤️ Emily

To capture the essence of Jason is nearly impossible. One thing for certain however, no matter what was happening around you, when Jason was around the energy of calmness exuded from his aura. There was an instant peaceful feeling you received just by being around him. He welcomed you with a smile every time. His genuine nature to help, teach and simply just listen were just a few of the many things I will forever miss.   -Cris 

For me Jason was always a ray of sunshine.  If he was having a bad day or stressed, I could never tell, he was just a good decent person.  He was easy to talk to, a kind and gentle soul. He was the type of person I strive to be like and the kind this world could use more of.  Everyone loved Jason, he was a hard worker, creative and passionate about his photography. I only wish I could have gotten to know him a little better, but the time I did know him he definitely inspired me.  He took his positivity and light everywhere he went and it is definitely missed by all who knew him.  -Jose

My favorite memory is when Jason, Julia, Jose and I went to NYC for ARROJO EXPO.  We had the best time hopping place to place and eating at a taco truck!  He was so happy to be there and taking pictures of everything. His smile and laugh are truly missed.  -Tana

I think of Jason often. He was such a bright light and to me it still shines. I think that's one of the biggest things that comes to mind when I think of him. He had a smile that could turn your day around and jokes to match!! His calm, postive energy around the salon was always welcoming and something I think still remains🧡 I like to think of Jason bumping to some good jams and always keeping it real.   XOXO, Jen

One of my fondest and most simplistic memories of Jason was his "Good Morning's".  He would greet you with such an infectious smile and you couldn't help but give him smile back.  He was always so positive and genuinely happy to see you. I miss seeing him walk through our backdoor wishing us all a "Good Morning". -Tia