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I said "Give me the 80's" and I got it! – I have always had an infatuation with “BIG” hair, now keep in mind I naturally have a head full of hair. Seeing that I had virgin hair for over five years I had decided, back in November, to take the plunge and go even “BIGGER,” take a step back into the eighties, and get a PERM!!! Yes I said it a PERM!! 

I was referred to FRESH SALON in Charlotte after being told "NO PERM FOR YOU" by several hairstylists who were against/intimidated to give a perm. When I arrived to FRESH I felt like I had arrived to a Destination Getaway Salon and Spa. The establishment is very trendy and unique, clean, well staffed, and I was greeted with a very warm welcome. 

I had never been to Fresh but it was actually located near me in Ballantyne. By the luck of the draw I was placed with Regina for a consultation. Regina provided a very uplifting consultation with new ideas, techniques, and ways we could make my hair “BIG!” I was so excited about Regina’s suggestions and knowledge on perms that with NO hesitation we moved forward with a perm. I was amazed during the rolling process on her technique, layering methods, and alterations of the sized curlers. In past perms, back in my younger years, one sized curler was used in rows across my head.. Regina, knew exactly what she was doing to achieve the look I wanted. 

Needless to say I have had my perm for 6 months now and it is still just as full and curly as it was when I left the salon. I hate to sound BIG headed, LOL since “BIG HAIR” was what I was going for, but, I seriously get a compliment daily on how lushes and natural my curls look. 

I would recommend Fresh Salon in Charlotte to anyone who is looking to take a step back to the 80’s and go for the BIG HAIR! Ask for Regina too, she was awesome.

Amanda S.

I've been a client @ Fresh Salon here in Charlotte for a few months now and must say this is the salon to go to! It's near me in the Ballantyne area so I figured I'd give it a try. The front desk staff is extremely friendly and polite. Christina did my color and her consultation was thorough and on point! This young lady knew exactly what she was doing and helped me choose a color that works great with my skin tone. Tia cut my hair and gave me the best haircut I've ever had! She listened to my request and gave me some tips on styling my hair at home. The salon itself is spacious and welcoming and has a great energy! I would highly recommend Fresh to anyone new to charlotte looking for a new salon or even anyone who's lived in the area and has a stylist they're not completely pleased with! 5 stars for sure!

J A.

Customer service is extremely important to me, so when I receive excellent service, it's worth writing about it. Emily has been cutting my hair for years, not only is she an excellent stylist, she is friendly and listens to me when I want to try something new. I have NEVER left her chair disappointed and I am pretty picky!!! I have had complete strangers (no joke) comment on how great my hair cut looks.

As for color, I can't say enough about Jen. She is a fantastic colorist, hands down!!! She knows her stuff, from the color that best suits my skin tone- to special care she takes to keep my hair healthy. 

There is no pretense at this Charlotte salon, just "down to earth" professionals who excel at their work.

Debra B.

Fresh is an awesome atmosphere if looking for a new up-beat salon in Charlotte or as a returning client. Cris is who cut my hair, knowing me from a previous salon she knew I can be a hard-to-handle client. As soon as I explained to her what I wanted in my cut, she got it right away (I was very vague) understanding right off the bat. I also told her to do what she wanted but not to cut too much off bc I like my long length. Cris took her time and was very meticulous. She does an amazing blowout on straight hair but also on my natural curly hair. At this time, Cris was training. When her mentor came back around to check my cut, she didn't have to fix a thing. My hair looked beyond amazing once done. Cris is also great with short hair. My mother who has short hair, goes to Cris as well. She is very versatile. Cris is now full swing on the floor and I will be back to her from now on. She has given me one of my best cuts EVER. My cut looks good if I wear my hair straight or curly which is another concern of mine when getting my hair done. Cris is amazing! She is sweet, professional, personable and an outstanding stylist. Telling you, you gotta sit in her chair once. If you do, you will be back again and again. I promise you will not be disappointed. All the interaction I had with the staff at Fresh was pleasant. And the fact that it's reight down the street from me is a win-win. Two thumbs way up!! Woop Woop Cris!!! Thank you so much!!!

Tracy S.

I love Fresh Salon!  I spent over a year looking for an excellent salon near me after moving to Charlotte from NY and was finally thrilled when I found Fresh Salon.   I walk in there knowing that I will be floating out on a cloud once Jose and Cris have performed their magic on my hair!!!  Jose colors and Cris cuts my hair and I have NEVER been happier with the results.  I receive constant compliments and requests for referrals from friends here in NC.  I am very fussy about my hair and my year-long search was finally rewarded with what I believe is the best Charlotte Salon I could possibly hope to find!!!!  Thank you Jose, Cris and Fresh Salon!!!!

Jennifer W.

I went in this morning, they squeezed me in for an afternoon cut and Tia saved me! I'm new to Charlotte and wasn't sure what to think, but the reception was warm and welcoming and atmosphere is modern and clean. My hair was a mess, Tia did a great job on the cut. Gave me a few pointers and tips and some new things to try on my next visit.  I'm so happy I've found a salon in my new city that I love! Can't wait to come back.

Abigail V.

I called Fresh in Charlotte to see if someone could fix my haircolor. I had been to a different salon near me that botched up my color twice, they did not match my roots to the rest of my hair and left grey hair still showing. I was pretty upset and worried that I would never get my hair back to the color I wanted. I decided to call Fresh because I remember seeing women with great hair walking out of this salon in the past. I was not disapointed. The receptionist on the phone was great. She was sympathetic and set up a consult with Regina the same day. Regina looked at the pictures of the way my hair color used to be and listened to everything I had to say. I decided to go with Regina and I am so glad I did. She is phenomenal. I can't remember the last time my hair color looked this good. My grey is gone and the botched color job is history. My hair looks beautiful. I will be booking color appointments with Regina from now on.

La V.

Talk about history repeating itself, wheeewww!

Long story short, I got a terrrrrrrrible dye job at a salon near me in my new city of Atlanta. Terrible as in wicked-witch-of-the-west-terrible. I knew I couldn't walk around looking like a wackjob forever so who did I call to save the day? Fresh Salon.

I asked for my favorite stylist Jen who had done my hair previously when I lived in Charlotte. However I was told she was getting married and would not be there. (congrats, Jen!) They recommended Kaia for this delightful job. Thank God for Kaia!

We had a thorough and honest consultation about realistic expectations for my hair. Obviously we wanted to preserve the health of my hair and work on extracting the god awful dye that was killing my soul and my vibe. She did a color correction, highlights and toner today and friends, let me tell you, I am blown away by the results. My hair looks awesome, still feels healthy, and is attractive once again. Sure, it took 3 hours, wasn't cheap, and my scalp is sore but considering how important hair is, it's well worth it. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Fresh. Not only is Kaia a miracle worker, but the gals who booked my appt and I checked out with are sweet as can be. I encourage anyone looking for a quality, classy and talented Charlotte salon, please check out Fresh.

Erin K.

Recently went here for another haircut since it's convenient and near me. It's been a year apart from the previous haircut I got this time it cost $45. I had a glass of wine, shampoo and condition and a fade to a slick back. All in all very pleased with the service and the haircut! There was some guy who cut my hair who'd been working there for like maybe 2 weeks. He did a really good job! He's half-black I don't know his name I just remember what he looks like.

Ben P.